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Ways Retired Clergy Can Help
  • Retired clergy can assist local churches and pastors, at their request, by listening to differing viewpoints and by sharing their perspectives based on years of biblical studies and ministerial service.  

  • Helping lead church study groups that are exploring challenges faced by LGBTQ persons               and the contemporary church.

  • By speaking out for justice, equality and inclusiveness in both church and society.

Published Resources Available

For the last 30 years the church has been engaged in conversations and controversy regarding homosexuality and same-sex relationships.  UMARC urges congregations to deepen their theological and biblical understandings.  Below are but a few of the resources available.

"United Methodism: Is Schism Inevitable?" Study Packet by Donald E. Messer, June 2018. Click on items to download: OutlineSpeech

  • "Schism or a Way Forward? A Tradition of Dissent from Bishop Melvin Wheatley to Bishop Karen Oliveto" by Donald E. Messer; presented to the Mountain Sky Annual Conference Prayer Breakfast with the United Methodist Association of Retired Clergy and Friends, June 2018. Click here for document.

  • "Resources from UMARC for Teaching and Preaching on Human Sexuality" compiled by Harvey E. Martz, May 2018. Click here for document.

  • "Sex and the Church" by Donald E. Messer, 2017. Click here for document.

  • "Unafraid and Unashamed: Facing the Future of United Methodism, byWil Cantrell, 2017. Click here for Amazon.

  • "Homosexuality and Ecclessiology:  Inclusiveness Heart of Gospel and Church," by Donald E. Messer; presented to the United Methodist Council of Bishops at their invitation, 2002.  Click here for document.

  • "A Politicized and Polarized Judicial Council," by Donald E. Messer, Quarterly Review, Vol. 23, No. 2, Summer 2003, pp. 189 ff.  Click here for document.

  • "An Approach to the Bible and the Book of Discipline," by Harvey C. Martz. Click here for document.

For the lastest news and articles posted since General Conference, click on this link.

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