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What's New and What's Ahead in 2020

UM Proposal Envisions Traditionalists & Maybe Others Leaving Denomination

Sixteen Key United Methodist leaders, representing progressive, centrist, and traditional perspectives, have proposed a "compromise" that may help the church overcome the institutional and theological conundrum it has been facing for decades. 

 Read details HERE, published by United Methodist Insight 1/3/2020

"The United Methodist Church is expected to split into two denominations in an attempt to end a years-long, contentious fight over same-sex marriage," more from The Washington Post article HERE 1/3/2020. 

Comprehensive Listing of Key UM News Articles
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UMARC Partners with Resist Harm

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Until legislation is passed removing the harmful restrictions currently embodied in the UM Discipline, active efforts must continue to resist, reduce, and mitigate the harm imposed by the Traditionalist agenda. 

Inclusiveness Conference III Bishop Karen Oliveto, Dr. Mark Holland, and Dr. Joretta Marshall led over 200 participants in the December 6 UMARC conference to examine the dilemma faced by laity and pastors by current church legislation and the various plans and proposals being offered to the 2020 General Conference. Devotions offered by Pastor Nathan Adams and music by Chin Keong Tan and Judith Mitchell. 

**LIVE streaming and photos of 2019 Conference available on our Conference Page.  

Below is an outline for a three session study that assists a local church in understanding the danger of schism and the Bishop's One Church Plan.

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