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Bishop Karen Oliveto’s


In the Midst of New Dimensions & Changing Ways (2016-2024)

Nearly 400 United Methodist laity and clergy gathered at St. Andrew United Methodist Church in Highlands Ranch, Colorado, to celebrate Bishop Karen P. Oliveto’s leadership of the Mountain Sky Conference since 2016.

Photos by Charles Ledbetter


Momentous General Conference

Key Points

  • General Conference brought big changes, particularly the removal of constraints on ministry with and by LGBTQ people.

  • Now The United Methodist Church’s challenge is to remain a big-tent denomination that can evangelize in diverse communities and countries.

  • United Methodists already are preparing to move beyond denominational infighting and reach people long disconnected from church.


UM Global AIDS Committee: Breaking Barriers Conference

Article by Neil Caldwell in the UM News

Key points:

  • The United Methodist Global AIDS Committee facilitated the daylong Breaking Barriers Conference as part of the run-up to the start of the denomination’s long-delayed General Conference.

  • The Rev. Donald E. Messer, chair of the group’s executive committee, said that people of faith care about being in ministry with people living with HIV and AIDS.

  • The day’s keynote speaker was Dr. Ulysses Burley III of Chicago, a medical doctor who was an AIDS adviser to President Obama.


The Resurrection
of an Inclusive Church:

United Methodism’s Upcoming General Conference

We heard so much good information and thoughts about the upcoming General Conference in Charlotte North Carolina to learn more about the challenges and opportunities facing delegates from around the world.

Rev. Adam Hamilton of the Church of the Resurrection in Kansas City, Rev. Israel Alvaran from the Philippines Annual Conference, Bishop Karen Oliveto of Mountain Sky Conference, Rev. Dr. Lydia Munoz National Hispanic/Latino Ministry, Rev. Dr. Mark Holland of Mainstream UMC, and Dr. Randall Miller from the California-Nevada Conference will be among our speakers. Our Facilitators will be UMARC Co-Chairs Rev. Dr. Harvey Martz and Rev. Dr. Don Messer.

Remembering Rev. Julian Rush's Legacy

The rich legacy of Rev. Julian Rush (1946-2023) in the United Methodist quest for full inclusiveness of LGBTQ+ persons in the life of the church and our society cannot be simply stated.  An icon of inclusiveness, Julian served with distinction as a pastor in the Mountain Sky Conference until his retirement.  When he died in November, after a short illness, he was serving as an honorary member of the Steering Committee of the United Methodist Association of Retired Clergy and Friends (UMARC).


His memorial service will take place on June 29, 2024

United Methodist Insight:
It’s Time to Revisit Church Teachings on HIV/AIDS



Key Points:

  • The theme for the 19th European AIDS Conference, held in October in Warsaw, Poland, was “It’s Time to Revisit.”

  • The entries on HIV and AIDS in the Book of Resolutions have not been updated since 2016, leaving the church silent on key developments and needing to revisit its policies and programs, writes the Rev. Dr. Donald E. Messer.

  • Missing in United Methodist social justice literature is any reference to PrEP (pre-exposure prophylaxis), a major medical advance in HIV prevention since 2012, or to contemporary goals set forth by UNAIDS.


Watch Bishop Oliveto's Address
from the Webinar: A Potentially Momentous 2024 United Methodist General Conference

Retired pastors step up amid disaffiliations

By Jim Patterson, April 5, 2023 | UM News


Key points:

  • United Methodists who want to remain with the denomination are in need of leadership in the wake of disaffiliations over sexuality issues.

  • Retired United Methodist pastors are putting their golden years on the back burner to help congregations that have been displaced.

  • Some of the former retirees report that enthusiasm is evident as United Methodists refocus on the basics of their faith.


Would You Like To Help Sponsor Our Free Webinars? 


Write check designated to "Mountain Sky Conference" and send to Dr. Don Messer, UMARC Co- Chair: 7185 S Niagara Cir, Centennial, CO 80112.

To give online, click the button below, then scroll down to the UMARC box.

Thank you for supporting the mission of the United Methodist Association of Retired Clergy and Friends

Bishop Melvin Wheatley Legacy
$1,000 + 

Mountain Sky UM Conference

Rev Donna Newendorp

Bishop Melvin Wheatley_crop.jpg

Bishop Mary Ann Swenson Legacy
$250 +

Miller, Joe & Kathryn
Marshall, Joretta & Joy Allen

University Park UMC, Denver

Bishop Swenson crop.jpg

Rev. Julian Rush Legacy - $100 +

Baber, Melinda

Benedett-Farmer, Larry & Terry

Blinn, Elaine & John

Burnett, Steve & Ingrid

Butler, Tom & Pat
Center for Pastoral Effectiveness
Curry, Ella 

Eakle, Lonnie & Terry

Graf, William

Hoefner,  Lisa Jean

Hoffman, Ilse & Riley, John
Howard, John & Constance

Hunt, Ann

Martz, Harvey & Judy
Mercer UMC, Mercer, WI

Merrick, Tracy & Karen

Millikan, Laura
Oneal, Margaret Dianne
Responsible Stewardship (Mountain Sky)
Richards, Sheila & Caryle
Tanquist, Mardel & Roger
Thompson, John
Twidwell, Susan

julian rush and Izzy (2) crop.jpeg

Bishop Roy Sano Legacy - $500 +

Burnett, Ingrid and Steve

Huie, Robert

Marsh, Kay

Martz, Harvey & Judy

Messer, Don & Bonnie

Miles, Rebekah

Bishop Sano crop.jpg

Rev. Gilbert H. Caldwell Legacy
$150 +

Bagwell, Inelle

Hunt, Ann
Owsley, Judy

Robledo, Liwliwa & Ramon

St Paul & St Andrew UMC Churches,
    New York City
Wills, Brenda

Gilbert H Caldwell crop.jpg

Rev. Mary Ann Downs Legacy
$50 +

Bergman, Michael

Bibb, Stephen

Bode, Glynden

Butler, Tom

Fado, Donald & Martha Jean

Fletcher, Paula
Gilbert, Richard & Jane

Gulley, Nancy & James
Guyette, Laraine
McCormick, Sharon & Thomas

Nelson, Karen

Newquist, Amy

Reaves, Charles
Rice, Mabel

Roe, Ben & Margaret

Seckel, Carol

Talla, Eric
Trowbridge, Ruth

Watson, Keith & Mary Ann

Wingelier, Douglas

Mary Ann Downs crop.jpg

UMARC Endorses Christmas Covenant

By Ben Roe

October 31, 2022, Centennial, Colorado-- United Methodists will be considering in 2024 a plan for reorganizing the United Methodist Church along global regional lines. At a recent meeting, the United Methodist Association of Retired Clergy has endorsed the plan, which was developed by representatives from United Methodist Conferences outside the United States.

The Christmas Covenant features a regionalization plan...

Don Professional Photo 2019 (3).jpg
John Blinn .jpg
Kay Palmer Marsh 2020.jpg
Dave and Chris.jpg
UMARC board member L.jpg
ben roe.jpg
Annie .jpg

Steering Committee Members (Photos Left to Right):

Don Messer - Chair, Harvey Martz - Vice Chair,  John Blinn - Treasurer,

Dave Ferguson, Chris Ferguson,

Marla Kauerz, Joretta Marshall, Kay Palmer-Marsh, Liwliwa Robledo, Ben Roe

Steve Burnett,  John L. Thompson, Annie Arnoldy - Advisor

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