UMARC joined Bishop Karen Oliveto Jan. 13, 2022, in celebrating the retirement of Nancy Cox, long time Executive Assistant to the Mountain Sky bishop. 


An expression of gratitude for excellent service and a cash gift from members was provided by Dr. Don Messer, UMARC chair.

To contribute to a retirement gift for Nancy, write a check to the Mountain Sky Conference earmarked "UMARC/Nancy" & send to treasurer John Blinn, 11 Monroe #102, Denver, CO  80206. Thank you!

Images of Dr.  Messer and BIshop Oliveto
with Nancy Cox


United Methodist Association of Retired Clergy & Friends

Inclusiveness V Webinar, November 20, 2021





“Experiencing An Inclusive United Methodist Church:

Celebrating First Five Years of Bishop Karen Oliveto’s Episcopacy”








  • Hear Bishop Karen Oliveto’s “Vision for the Future of United Methodism” followed by

      lay & clergy responses by Pat Luna, Jay Williams, and Kent Ingram.


  • Listen to Central Conference perspectives from Bishop Harald Rückert of Germany, Rev. Dr. Israel Alvaran of the Philippines, and Rev. Cimpaye Valentine of Burundi

  • Explore updated developments within United Methodism with Rev. Dr. Mark Holland.


  • Be inspired by the dynamic preaching of Bishop Cynthia Moore--Koikoi of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


  • Examine three provocative books that break new barriers for inclusiveness in church & society with Rev. Dr. Kay Palmer Marsh, Keegan Osinski, and Rev. Dr. Harvey Martz. 

  • Event moderator and MC is Rev. Dr. Donald E. Messer.

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Bishop Harold.jpg
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Mark Holland .jpg

   Rev. Dr. Israel Alvaran            Rev. Cimpaye Valentine            Rev. Dr. Mark Holland 

Pat Luna.jpg
Jay Williams.jpg
Delegate Kent Ingram

      Pat Luna                              Jay Williams                      Kent Ingram

Bishop Harald Rückert         Germany                                                

      Bishop Cynthia Moore-Koikoi

          Western Pennsylvania   

      Bishop Karen Oliveto             Mountain Sky                      

Books and Guests for Inclusiveness V.png
white fragility.jfif

     Rev. Dr. Kay Palmer Marsh   Rev. Dr. Don Messer       Keegan Osinski     Rev. Dr. Harvey Martz

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Where Love THRIVES image 2021 _1_.jpeg
PHUMC Baseball Webinar.png

In Case You Missed It! 

Free Webinar: Baseball, Racism and Religion 

UMARC and Park Hill UMC are committed to overcoming racism and promoting inclusiveness in church, culture, and society.  This initiative has currently raised over $5, 000!

Recently, a free webinar provided a way to honor baseball great Byron Johnson while addressing the past and present issue of racism in sports.  Only this year has Major League Baseball begun to incorporate the incredible records of the outstanding players of the Negro Baseball Leagues.  The career of the late Byron Johnson, former Kansas City Monarch shortstop, and member of Satchel Paige’s All-Stars gives us a glimpse into the reality of racism in baseball. 

Want to be sure you don't miss future free events? 


May 20th Webinar on "Clobber" Passages in the Bible






























Cream and Olive Green Bible Study Church

Six Bible verses (kind of) talk about homosexuality, but are often misinterpreted.  Rev. Dr. Harvey Martz and Rev. Joe Miller, Jr., led a Zoom Webinar on “Examining the ‘Clobber’ Passages:  A Scriptural Way Forward for United Methodism” Thursday, May 20, 2021.  Rev. Dr. Valerie Jackson served as moderator.




UMARC Celebrated  Five years of Bishop Karen Oliveto’s Episcopacy

At a recent COVID post-vaccination picnic, members of the United Methodist Association of Retired Clergy and Friends celebrated five years of dynamic spiritual leadership by Bishop Karen Oliveto.   Tributes from retirees saluted her and her wife Robin Ridenour for their courage, compassion, care, leadership, vision, and living out a theology of love.   UMARC Chair, Rev. Dr. Donald E. Messer, thanked “the Holy Spirit for her unanimous election and the impact she has made for inclusion in both the church and world.”

Joe Miller Jr.jpg
2013 Valerie Jackson photo.jpg

Rev. Dr. Harvey Martz,  Rev. Dr. Valerie Jackson, Rev. Joe Miller Jr. 


This Three-Part Webinar Series is Available to View

in Part Below. What an amazing time of education and connection. 

A special thanks to our speakers, sponsors and participants!

Corageous Connections Image.png
Retired Clergy Urged to Perform Same - Sex Weddings

"Let's Talk:  LGBTQ+ Weddings" webinar from July 15th, 2020

Laity and clergy participated in an online forum to explore how pastors and local church members might prepare for same-gender weddings in their sanctuary.  Questions of liturgy, pre-marital counseling, use of language, communication, etc., were discussed.  This webinar was sponsored by the United Methodist Association of Retired Clergy & Friends and the Mountain Sky Queer Clergy Caucus. 

Speakers for this Webinar included two leading Mountain Sky Area United Methodist clergy, Rev. Sharon Langfeldt and Rev. Angie Kotzmoyer.  Our speakers were also joined by Rev. Dr. Donald E Messer, Moderator, and a panel of key leaders.

Quilt Image (2).png

UMARC members are joining retired clergy across the denomination in offering their services to perform same-sex weddings.  Click HERE to add your name to the growing movement to reduce harm and move the church to inclusiveness. 


UMARC Chair, Dr. Donald E. Messer, is a member of the national Resist Harm committee encouraging prophetic witness and pastoral service, in contrast to the traditionalist polity.  Retired pastors risk complaints and trials, but severe penalties can be administered to active faithful pastors living in areas where bishops are intent on enforcing the Discipline no matter how punitive and exclusive.  

2021 Revised Social Principles Postponed

UMARC Partners with Resist Harm

**Click on the image below to learn more.

Resist Harm Image.png

"With General Conference postponed until August 2022, we will have to wait another year until the top law-making body of the church meets to make changes to the Book of Discipline. But what does that mean for the revised Social Principles?"

Read more, published in Church & Society HERE
Comprehensive Listing of Key UM News Articles
*Click NEWS Image*

Until legislation is passed removing the harmful restrictions currently embodied in the UM Discipline, active efforts must continue to resist, reduce, and mitigate the harm imposed by the Traditionalist agenda. 

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Annie .jpg

Steering Committee Members (Photos Left to Right):

Don Messer - Chair, Harvey Martz - Vice Chair,  John Blinn - Treasurer,

Dave Ferguson, Chris Ferguson,

Marla Kauerz, Kay Palmer-Marsh, Liwliwa Robledo, Ben Roe, 

Julian Rush, Annie Arnoldy - Advisor